Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Your Grandmother's Antiques...

Known for high quality, handcrafted antique reproductions that blend classic design elements with modern twists, Atlanta-based MacRae now expands its growing line with the debut of the McAlpine Home Collection. Designed by acclaimed Southern architect Bobby McAlpine, the initial launch includes 26 pieces ranging from stunning case goods to elegant accent pieces -- each reflecting McAlpine's inimitable style and reinterpretation of traditional antique designs.

The collection has definite historical reference and reverance -- and irreverence in execution," explains McAlpine. "These are 'new antiques,' not your grandmother's, but yours -- and your great grandchildren's."
Very cool indeed.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stumbling Around With Social Media

As a PR practicioner, I'm doing what I can to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest social media tools. But I keep asking myself, is it really "all that"? I see myself, and to some degree, my clients, racing to post those tweets , get a Facebook Fan Page going, launching a social media release and casting about for other avenues we feel we might be "missing out on..." that can bring in new business -- especially in today's challenging economic climate.

Part of me wants to sit back in the old rocking chair and launch into a "well, in my day" diatribe addressing my growing concerns about the slow death of trusted and true media outlets -- both trade and consumer. It's breaking my heart to see great publications struggling to stay relevant and in business. As they erode, I see and hear about people taking things they've read online and taken at face value -- non-fact-checked or sourced articles, posts, tweets and others that enforce certain beliefs or values they already hold true --whether they are or not...

Alas, I digress. I guess I do see the great value and great challenges that social media offers in the marketing arena .'s time to stop my grumbling, get out of the old school rocking chair, buck up and jump on board.